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Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow is Today

2 October 1990
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Hello, I'm a recently graduated college student who had no idea what to do with the rest of her life.

I'm also a long time lurker of LJ. So much so that I've only recently gotten an account, even though I've been visiting for years like a stalker. I'm pretty friendly though. Just shy like you wouldn't believe. Also I'm prone to periods of inactivity, but please don't take it personally. I just get itchy feet sometimes, and flit around to different fandoms and different sites. But I always come back to them.

I like a lot of things, and I couldn't ever begin to name them all. One of the main things I love is fanfiction, though. I read it all the time. I'll read any kind of fic, really, it doesn't matter if it's het, slash, or gen. I really do love gen!fic though.

If you want to friend me, for whatever reason, go ahead. I'll add you back if you want me to.

Also you can find me on tumblr now!