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07 September 2013 @ 11:04 am
Summer Pt.2  
So I've found myself back at my Aunt's house after two rather jarring weeks back at home. I say jarring because my mother and I had two arguments, the second of which was quite nasty, especially because we never fight. But that's something everyone has to accept eventually, the fact that their parents are as imperfect and flawed as any other human being. I recognized that quality in my father long ago, but never really brought myself to confront the truth of my mother.

Needless to say the relevations of just how depressed (and depressing) my mother has become made me want to high tail it out of my hometown earlier than the planned two weeks, but I stayed the course. My disillusionment further prompted me to want to try and live with my aunt and try to find a job in her city rather than with my uncle. But my aunt called me on my bullshit cowardance so now I'm going to head back home late next week. My father's third wedding is soon, afterall. And I already was unable to make it for his birthday last week since I'm up here helping out with my grandmother after her surgery. But she's much better now.

....I still want to stay with my aunt though. She promised if I tried down there and didn't have any luck/began to hate life that in a year I could live with her.

So I've also been trying to shake my college sleeping schedule for almost a month now to no avail. I really need to get my shit together because my failure in this task is really starting to make me feel worthless. Ugh. (I will never be a morning person).

Most of my nights have been dedicated to reacquinting myself with Gintama. I forgot how much I enjoyed this series! I found where I left off on the anime (the cat arc) and just fibsihed up with the Four Devas arc. Also I really, really wish I could have seen the second movie when it aired! Though I've sort of been spoiled by some heartbreaking fanart that I've come across for it. ;_;
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