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24 March 2011 @ 08:09 am
So it's spring break of my third year in college. It's a week long break, which generally sucks in and of itself, but is made all the worse by the fact that I've gotten rather ill for it. I got sick last Saturday and thought it to be a general cold, but two days ago I got an ear infection too. Thus I had to go to urgent care and go through the motions there. Last night the left side of my face was hurting, and now it hurts still. Hopefully I haven't developed a sinus infection TOO.

In other news, I've caught up on season 2 of The Listener, which I grateful has a second season after NBC ditched it in the USA. I've also been looking at various fanfic from assorted fandoms of my past, namely Star Trek, and image hunting on tumblr.

I had a horrible nightmare last night, which is one reason why I hate getting sick. I always have nightmares when sick. ALWAYS. D': I started out going shopping for something in a small store but I crawled up some of displayed merchandise by climbing over the actual products, and broke it. (I was trying to get to the second floor, and they were arranged like stairs) I also ruined both the product and the stand. The product was a bunch of minecraft-sized pastel blocks of sherbert and the ones I ruined were colored a soft blue. I got up from the floor and saw the two irate owners come at me and made sure to let them know, "I'll pay for this." And I did.

They wouldn't let me leave until I paid up (not that I tried to leave) and the bill was exactly $3000. Which was about the amount I had left in my account, but I wasn't sure how much I had left in the account so I wanted to hurry back home to check my account before anything bounced. Also I had broke something earlier in my dream too and said I would pay for that but I don't remember what it was or where I was.

So I get back to my home, which is this weird hybrid house/dorm for college and my roommates are mostly there and I'm going to my laptop to check my accounts. Turns out I had enough but only just; I only had $7.08 left in my account. I was both relieved and horrified because both my parents were tight on cash in my dream (as they are in real life) and I hadn't even bought my new textbooks yet. So I kept telling myself  stuff like "it's okay I'll just really have to get a job," "I'll borrow the textbooks from the library rather than buy them," and "I'll have to tel my parents in the meantime to get by." And I also was generally thinking that I wasn't going to be able to eat much at all anymore other than when my roommates shared (which they every so often do in real life) with me. And I tried to look at the postive side and thought to myself, "At least this way I'll lose some weight, right?" But I wasn't really convinced.

And then things got worse. After I checked my checking account my coomputer restarted itself. (It had done this the night before this dream when I had walked out of my room to get some water for medicines and I was scared I had gotten a virus somewhere, but I didn't) My laptop, which is essential for college work, had gotten a virus and I had only a set amount of time everytime it restarted to do thigns on the computer before the virus took over and restarted the computer again. I figured out eventually that I had twenty minutes, but it wasn't really twenty minutes, it was much faster than that so I think my dream self was wrong on that count.

So I would try to beat the virus before it restarted my computer by activating my anitvirus software, only it never worked. Or I never got to it in time. And there was one time that the virus restarted my computer with an older Operating System which was a knockoff of Windows XP. In that version everything was outdated, including my virus software, so it didn't work.

So eventually I gave up on trying to catch the virus and pulled out my USB drive to try and save some of the data that was important to me, namely the fanfics I had recently saved and my bookmarks on Firefox. Only I kept failing. And I was filled with a terror the entire time that if I put the USB drive in that then I would have the virus on that too, which would therefore proceed to re-infect my computer again after I reformatted it or got a new one.

And at one point on of my roommates came by and was totally cheery and not picking up on my panic and we talked a little while I was still trying to save those files on the USB. But when the roommate went away I accidentally hit my USB with my right arm/elbow and bent it, so it wasn't fitting back in the USB slot. So I had to fix it so it would fit. It turned into this clay-like substance and I had to mold it correctly but first I made the connecting part too small and pinched.

Eventually I made it work again but still was failing at saving anything.

That's all I remember. What a terrible dream it was, and I feel lame-o now that I'm describing it.

I'm going to attempt a nap now. THIS HAS BEEN AN ATTEMPTED POST.
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